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Calgary Chiropractor First Visit

You Will Be Warmly Greeted!

Dr Pat performing an examination.

Dr Pat performing an examination.

Many people have never been to a Chiropractic office before. Let us give you a brief description on what to expect :)

Upon entering our facility you will be greeted by our Chiropractic Health Assistant. Upon checking in, we will give you a tour of our clinic so that you can start to get to know your way around. We will then return to the front desk where you will fill out any necessary paperwork.

Consultation & Examination

Once your paperwork is completed you will be taken to one of our patient education rooms where together you and Dr. Maguire will review your case history. With a complete review of your case history we will have all the information we needs to proceed with your case. Dr. Maguire will then complete a comprehensive Chiropractic spinal physical exam. Here he will examine your spine for injuries that may be causing nerve irritation or damage. Depending on the severity of your case the Doctor may order a series of x-rays (pictures) of your spine to truly understand the nature of your spinal injury and if long standing damage is present. (There is no charge for x-ray’s at our facility) If the case history and examination reveals reasons that a nutritional consultation and/or massage evaluation would be helpful, Dr. Maguire will make that referral at the end of the initial visit.

This completes our initial visit.

When you’re ready to take action, ring Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic to arrange your first visit: (403) 475-6210.