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At Mount Royal Family Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage, our Acupuncturist offers customized acupuncture treatments that can address specific conditions and also improve general functions of the body.

Acupuncture has been used to treat various conditions such as pain, migraines, digestive issues, insomnia, stress reduction, internal organ issues, and more. Our gentle and mindful needling techniques are used to minimize any discomfort and promote the regeneration and repair of the system.

If you have never tried acupuncture before, we can help you to understand the process and effects during the initial consultation. Acupuncture, massage and chiropractic treatment are complementary to each other and often used together for optimal and integrative healing.

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Calgary Cupping Acupuncture

Cupping is one of the important treatments that we include for various conditions. We perform cupping on specific acupuncture points so our clients can experience the benefits not only local but also with whole body systems. Our therapists use cupping to reduce tension and stress, stimulate acupoints and clear toxic heat in order to maintain a healthy energy balance.

Cupping Massage Therapy

Calgary TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TCM is one of the oldest systemic medicines which historically goes back as much as 3,500 years. TCM includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, Qigong, Tuina (Acu massage), dietary therapy and more.

TCM focuses on the wholism and balance of body, mind, and spirit and improves a person’s general health as well as addressing specific diseases or disorders. TCM works to resolve the root cause of the disease or condition as well as the manifest symptoms by distinguishing between the root (ben) and its branches (biao). It is not a self-enclosed system but can be used in combination with western medicine and  can be used to  manage the side effects of western modalities of treatment.

Acupuncture Therapy

Dry Needling Versus Acupuncture

Both Dry needling and Acupuncture involve inserting sterile needles into the body.  Dry needling is used for muscular conditions involving pain relief by the de-activation of the trigger points of the muscle cells. Thus, it eliminates the nociceptive focus of the muscle.

Acupuncture is performed based on the TCM diagnostic method and treatment principles by identifying root cause and symptoms and stimulating specific acupuncture points on their channels. Acupuncture can treat muscular conditions by relaxing the muscles and promoting the circulation of qi and blood, and it can also treat complex internal, psycho-emotional, hormonal issues and more.

Acupuncture Therapy

If you want to know more about Calgary acupuncture services and chiropractic treatment options or book an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic through our contact us form or call us on 403 475 6210.

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Definitely lives up to the 5 star reviews! I had extreme pain from a lower back injury and Dr. Pat and his team helped figure out where it was all stemming from and within a few weeks it is significantly better. I used to be fearful of Chiro but Dr. Pat makes you feel at ease and explains things very well so that you know what is going on in your body. He and his team are extremely friendly and welcoming. I definitely recommend them. Alysa V. H. - Google
5 star experience! My boyfriend and I were expecting our first child this past November and I (like any first time mom), was extremely nervous about giving birth.... Dr. Pat ensured me that with consistent chiropractic care, it could potentially ease the birthing process. Sure enough, on Nov 15th 2018.... our healthy 7.2oz baby boy basically cruised on out after only 15 minutes of pushing! No complications and minimal downtown for myself! Thanks doc for the awesome pre/post care. I look forward to many future family visits to your clinic! Alysha L. - Google
Love Dr Pat, I had a lot ao pain in my hips after the stampede and a couple hours later I had no more pain. As well as many other concerns he is helping me with Carol P. - Google
I was skeptical about chiropractic care at first. Dr.Pat has changed my opinion for the better. The initial intake is very comprehensive and he encourages you to ask questions and really understand your body and also take change of your health. In the few weeks I have been coming I've noticed a remarkable improvement in sleep quality, pain levels, and frequency of pain. The whole team is super friendly and helpful and seem to care deeply about healing. Celine M. - Google
I went to Mount Royal Village in March as I had a very stiff neck and was tried of taking anti-inflammatory medication. I will admit was skeptical at first. The staff there are super friendly and Dr. Pat sent me for x-rays before he would even consider doing an adjustment. I have been going ever since and I have noticed a major difference in my posture, the decrease in pain, and a great improvement in my golf swing. Jasmine is very friendly and always professional. Natalie (who is gone now, 🙁 ) was a great front staff person, always smiling when you walked in. Dr. Pat is great at putting you at ease. Cheryl R. - Google
Only five stars? I would give more.... My teenage son and I have had a fantastic experience with Dr. Pat, and all of his associates. They treat you like family. The initial exam was extremely thorough. Dr. Pat took great care in explaining our health in a detailed, understandable manner. The treatment has also been exemplary. One of the surprising benefits that both my son and I have experienced is a marked improvement in our eyesight. Both of us have 20/20 vision, however immediately after treatment we both noticed a heightened vibrancy and clarity. Looking forward to our next treatment. Christine W. - Google
Dr Pat and the team are absolutley fantastic. I was a little skeptical on my first visit, but then Istarted to feel the benefits. Highly reccomend. Hannah W. - Google
I had this small hump at the top of my spine from always texting/being on my computer. I assumed it was like a fat hump or something but within 2-3 sessions at mount royal family chiropractic the little hump was completely gone. The staff are incredibly friendly and their schedule is very flexible!!! I highly recommend!! Isabella S. - Google
I'm almost in tears of joy after leaving Dr. Pat's office today. I have a ton of back issues, and he's taken the time to find those issues. I'm not a quick fix kinda gal, but he's the first to address some things never addressed before.  He cares. There is no other thing I can say other than he cares about what he does and how he helps his patients. I'm beyond happy with Dr. Pat. Amazing how one can feel when knowledge is combined with a deep concern for other's well being. Thank you Dr. Pat. Jacquie R. - Google
Since going to mount royal family chiropractic, I notice my posture has improved while at work and I'm feeling less fatigued and have more energy at the end of the day. I would recommend Dr. Maguire to anyone. The clinic and staff are awesome too! Jennifer B. - Google
I came on the recommended of my coworker. I have always felt like a relatively healthy person with no systemic or any chronic pain of any type. However, I am completely sold on this whole practice. As a life long insomniac I find myself falling asleep earlier and sleeping more soundly. Additionally I literally breathe deeper and easier after every adjustment. I can’t recommend these services enough, even if you feel healthy and think you don’t need adjustments. Jennifer L. - Google
Helpful staff well organized clinic and enjoy coming to get adjusted by Dr Pat Jhoanne C. - Google
When I first went in, I barely straightened my back or walked because of the pain, but I don’t feel any pain now after only two weeks of treatment. Their kindness always made me smile and going there is very pleasant. I can imagine my life without a backache. Thank you so much, Dr. Maguire and the team. 진충호 - Google