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Doesn’t Every Chiropractor Do The Same Thing?

Our Technique:

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, D.C.

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, D.C.

Did you know that there are over 100 published techniques describing how a Chiropractor adjusts your spine?

Why do we choose to use a Modified Gonstead Method to care for your spine?

Our objective at MRVFC is to deliver the finest possible Chiropractic care to our patients. Our Modified Gonstead method  is one of the very finest techniques for caring for your spinal health available and we at MRVFC want to make this level of care available to you.


So what is the Gonstead Method?

The Gonstead method is a very specific way of evaluating your spine for the misalignments of the Vertebrae of your spine that cause nerve interference (subluxations), as well as a very precise way of reducing, correcting and particularly preventing this damaging and dangerous condition.

How do we evaluate the spine for Subluxations, and Why?

On every visit the Gonstead Doctor evaluates the spine in several ways:
Doctor will visually look at the spine

  1. As the patient is in a gown (Women) or with shirt off (Men), the doctor can visually look at the spine and look for spinal distortions.
  2. Then, the doctor will use an instrument (The Nervoscope) designed to detect nerve interference to further identify areas of nerve irritation and interference. When nerves are irritated by spinal misalignment they cause a temperature increase in the skin at that level. The Nervoscope detects this.
  3. Once this is completed the Doctor will palpate the spine once again in the areas identified by the Nervoscope looking for areas of inflammation and tenderness further identifying where the Subluxation is present.
  4. The Doctor, by having the patient bend and rotate, will move the subluxated spinal segment (The Vertebrae) in various directions to identify how the Vertebrae has misaligned.
  5. Finally the Doctor will refer to the patient’s x-rays (If available) to confirm his findings at that specific segment.

Specific Steps Are Followed

Only after completing the above evaluation will the Doctor proceed to adjust the spine. This also requires several steps to deliver a specific Gonstead Chiropractic adjustment.

  1. If the spinal misalignment is in the mid-back region the patient will typically be placed on the Zenith Hi-Lo Adjusting table. The patient stands on the base of the table (In the upright position) and is slowly lowered down. As the patients x-rays are also taken in standing posture, this assures that the Doctor can be as precise as possible when delivering the spinal adjustment. Other tables and chairs in the Doctors office are also specifically designed so that the Doctor may deliver the most exacting adjustment possible.
  2. The delivery of the adjustment is also a complex matter. Vertebrae misalign in several different directions. Firstly injured vertebrae move posterior, then they can twist left or right and tip over in either direction as well. To complicate matters even further the laxity of the patient’s skin must be taken into account and moved in a direction that will allow for a precise adjustment. This is another reason that the Doctor must make contact on the patients skin, to allow for the most precise adjustment possible.
  3. Once all of the above has been completed the Doctor will deliver the Chiropractic adjustment. From his evaluation the Doctor will prepare to make a precise adjustment of a specific segment of the spine. The Doctor will then take away the laxity in the patients skin so as to be exactly correct and with that deliver the adjustment so that the misalignment, from posterior to anterior left or right and the tipping of the vertebrae is corrected.

Will Perform The Same Evaluation

Before adjustment

Before adjustment

After adjustment

After adjustment

Each visit thereafter the Doctor will perform the same evaluation. If a segment does not present with the same signs on the next evaluation, the Doctor may decide not adjust that segment. If the segment is sitting in the correct place, it requires healing and further adjustment may disturb this segment even though it may feel somewhat stiff or tender. Typically the ligaments that hold the spine in place have been damaged and so a series of specific adjustments are required to reduce and correct the Subluxation.

Specific and Scientifically Sound

The Gonstead Method is a specific and scientifically sound Chiropractic technique names after its creator Dr. Clarence Gonstead. The Gonstead Method allows the Doctor of Chiropractic to care for every patient, from day old infant to the oldest geriatric patient and everyone in between.

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