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Acupuncture is the cornerstone of Oriental medicine, a comprehensive treatment system pre-dating pharmaceutical based medicine and used for centuries by people in the East. Our acupuncturists’ in-depth oriental medical analysis and treatment systems activate your body’s own internal resources to maximize your health potential.

What Acupuncture Helps

Close up of dried leaf

Acupuncture has been practiced for over 3,000 years in Asia.

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • You’re dealing with stress, depression or anxiety.
  • You experience physical pain regularly – including back pain, limb pain, headaches or
    systemic pain.
  • Your digestive system and metabolism is sluggish – you’d like to lose or gain weight.
  • You often feel tired, want to sleep better, and your overall energy and libido could be a lot better.
  • You want to change addictive habits such as smoking or over-eating.
  • If any of the above sound like you, or you have another health complaint you’d like to get to the
    root of, we invite you to book an initial consultation session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What takes place in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine sessions?

After the initial consultation, we will nurture your body’s health networks with systematic acupuncture treatments, complemented in some cases, as needed, with further Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities.

To facilitate the healing process and to promote your body’s internal resources, one or more of the following oriental medical techniques are used:

  • Acupuncture: very fine, sterile, single use needles are inserted into specific points on the body, rebalancing and optimising the body’s channels, organs and functional networks.
  • Heat therapy: warming the body’s channels via a mineral heat lamp accelerates the body’s healing processes.
  • Dietary & Nutritional Counselling: what to eat or avoid eating strengthening your body’s healing process.
  • Awareness & Lifestyle Coaching: Tips for harnessing your own power of awareness regarding habits to benefit your health in daily life. Tips for harnessing your own power of awareness regarding habits to benefit your health in daily life.
  • Cupping: The use of glass, silicon or plastic cups that create suction and facilitate blood circulation, fascia release, and the metabolism of accumulated cellular wastes including lactic acid.
  • Guasha: a smooth flat piece of stone or horn is used to rub the body to promote blood circulation.
  • Acupressure / Tuina massage: Oriental massage techniques that stimulates the body’s channel networks and organ health.
  • Traditional Chinese Herbal therapy: individualized prescriptions of formulas containing 5-15 herbs, based on each patient’s specific needs.

How long are acupuncture sessions?

Your very first session will be 90 minutes in length. During this initial consultation we will cover your full health history and goals and do a complete oriental medical analysis. We will then do acupuncture. Before your first visit you will be asked to fill out a detailed electronic health history so our Acupuncturists can understand your unique situation.
Subsequent acupuncture sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length. The number of sessions required will be discussed, and based on your individual health goals and history.

Where will my acupuncture sessions take place?

Your acupuncture sessions will take place in our clinic’s warm and comfortable acupuncture cubicles. Our clinic has an open concept community feeling with great views and natural light. You’ll lie on a soft, comfortable and warm table. Comfortable headphones with music will be provided to aid in the relaxation process of your mind and nervous system.

What should I wear to my acupuncture appointment?

Typically, the Doctor will perform acupuncture on your arms and legs. Wearing shorts and a T-shirt during your treatment is therefore recommended for comfort and convenience. Acupuncture and other TCM modalities such as cupping may sometimes need to be performed with the back bare. You will be appropriately draped at all times. Your privacy and comfort levels are respected at all times.

What does acupuncture feel like, will it hurt?

Acupuncture is very relaxing, and many clients take a nap during their session. The acupuncture needles themselves are extremely fine and delicate, single-use and sterile. You will barely feel the needle being inserted. Acupuncture, by its nature overall elicits a tangibly activating yet relaxing physical response to the nervous system, fascia networks and the body.

What is the fee schedule for acupuncture?

The pricing schedule is as follows:

  • Regular Acupuncture Sessions (approx 1 hour): $89
  • Initial Consultation & Acupuncture Session for new patients (approx 90 mins): $119