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Reviews from patients of Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr Patrick Maguire



“I went to Dr. Pat when I was overdue to see if he could help convince the baby that it was time to come out. After a gentle adjustment I left the office and was in labour 4 hours later. You can’t beat that!”

When I was 5 months pregnant I suddenly had back issues and pain that radiated in the front of my ribs. It was difficult to concentrate at work and my doctor couldn’t offer me any suggestions on how to alleviate this pain. I decided to try chiropractic care and from my first adjustment with Dr. Pat, the pain was gone- I was hooked…Read More »

Jassy“When I left his clinic after this first visit and adjustment, I was so AMAZED how much better it felt already!”

I first met Dr. Pat at a baby fair while I was pregnant where I learned about chiropractic care during pregnancy. I had been contemplating going anyway since I had been experiencing lower back and neck pain and some tightness in my hips…Read More »

Pregnancy / Breach Baby

Krista T” If it wasn’t for Dr. Pat I would be booked in for a C-section.”

I started going to see Dr. Pat when I was pregnant with my first child as my husband was already going to him after a car accident he was in. I had so much back pain in that pregnancy until I started seeing Dr. Pat,it was amazing how fast my pain was gone…Read More »

Lisa A“After only three (chiropractic) visits, my maternity doctor confirmed that my baby’s head was now in the right place.”

When I was 31 weeks pregnant, I found out that my baby was breech. I immediately panicked and started doing research to try to figure out how to turn her. I was referred to Dr. Maguire who uses the Webster’s Technique during chiropractic appointments to aid in turning babies…Read More »

Pregnancy and Baby Care

Baby Sadie

“Being a baby is way easier now!”

The first three months of my life I was having a hard time sleeping and my tummy hurt a lot because I had acid reflux. My mommy and daddy were giving me medicine every day and even had me sleeping in a swing because my tummy hurt so much… Read More »


“A full night of sleep?! Really?! For the first time in two years I faced the morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.”

In the beginning of October, I found myself wandering the aisles of the Calgary Baby Show with my mom and down one such aisle, I came across Dr.Patrick Maguire, my friendly neighborhood chiropractor. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of herbs, tinctures, techniques, weekend workshops,and forms of body work with varying degrees of success…Read More »


“Not only did it make me feel better, but it made me think differently about my posture, my lifting habits, and my overall health.”

My first encounter with chiropractic care was when I was 6 months pregnant. I had never been to a chiropractor in my life and, frankly, I was a skeptic…Read More »

Dawn S

“The treatments really helped with the pain and made it possible for me to work longer.”

I started seeing Dr. Pat when I was seven months pregnant. I was having middle and lower back pain, making it hard to sit or stand for long periods of time…Read More »

Baby Care | Torticollis

“After the adjustments Eden was also a much happier and healthy baby girl, sleeping well, not fusing hardly at all.”

Three years ago we became proud parents of our first child Eden. We were so very happy but our little girl was not. Little Eden was spitting up a lot, not sleeping well and crying a great deal….Read More »

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